New Portrait: Lake

A new portrait from last week; her name is Lake Montgomery, she is a singer living in Amsterdam (I like her music btw). Did it two and a half hours; it worked – new record ;) Also I’m off tomorrow to the Global Game Jam, where you make a game in 48 hours. I’m really … Continue reading New Portrait: Lake

Work in Progress: Yola

An image I’m currently working on – I thought it might be interesting to show an in between step: Luckily the model wants to pose once more in a couple of weeks – so I can tweak and adjust. Comments and critiques are very welcome. I want to work on the hair more, just giving … Continue reading Work in Progress: Yola

From Dreams to Reality

Recently I found this talk by William Domhoff about dreams. It is always great when researchers talk about such foggy topics with so scientific methods: Just facts, numbers and logic. It’s not only that this helps to get a clearer picture of what is really going on – but exactly this dry approach leads to … Continue reading From Dreams to Reality

Yay for Snow in Amsterdam!

As promised yesterday – and with a nod to Jacob Maris. :D Was really cold but worth the pain. Lets hope the snow stays longer (or new fluff joins in), so that I can make at least one more.

Portraits of Inez and Anna

Finished them both today, with little fixes. Maybe I make better pictures whenever the sun shows up in this country … which might take several months :/ Anyways, playing around with new things in the paintings. Especially limiting the colors and values I use. The Inez painting got kind of a medieval style in some … Continue reading Portraits of Inez and Anna

A sketchbook is complete

Roughly 15 more pages of my sketchbook from 2008. Funny thing: I always thought its the one before my current one. But just when writing this – I noticed it can’t be. I fill at least 2 per year. Well, turns out I have another full sketchbook lying around. Scanning all this will take me … Continue reading A sketchbook is complete