Yola, final version

This is the final version of a work in progress I posted before. Visitors of the exhibition have seen the image already. Although I must admit, since I was in a hurry I accidentally hung it up the wrong way :D Both versions work – but I do like this angle the most.

Art as New Science

Recently the Large Hadron Collider has been reaching a new record energy output. The main goal of this huge structure is finding the Higgs boson. Exciting? Hm. The particle is important for high energy physics – without it, the mathematics would be flawed. But we know that the mathematics are highly accurate. The Higgs Boson … Continue reading Art as New Science

Digital spicing

Has been a while that I posted a digital artwork. This one I tweaked recently – it was originally thought for a poster of a game where you can control water. The character design is by Ramon Contini, which you can find (along other cool stuff) on his website.

Work in Progress Lake2

For this one I have one more session. That will be a lot of work to tackle still – I only consider the central body part to be final. I painted the model in a very different position than she is actually sitting, mixing several perspectives into one – which has me moving around with … Continue reading Work in Progress Lake2

Anna 2 – finished

I showed the WIP earlier – here is the finished version. The digital version doesn’t really show that I used gold paint in some patterns, was a lot of fun.

Gaming Should Stay Real

Hm, so this is my first post about games. A friend advised me not to mix too many topics here, but I think all these things interconnect. There is some advantage in bringing them together. Having some bigger plan there :) so I’ll keep at it. Below you see a talk by Jesse Schell, first … Continue reading Gaming Should Stay Real

Work in Progress Anna2

Here is another work in progress picture. It shows my progress a little bit. I work quite different than other people in the studio I paint at: I usually do the background first. It allows me to see a preview early about how the art will turn out. Details are easy to change – but … Continue reading Work in Progress Anna2