Would you paint like this?

There are these amazing vintage photos on the Library of Congress flickr page. Worth loosing some time on. Just something about the photo below that I was wondering: Would you ever paint it like that from your mind? Like the light coming though some random panels on the top. Why doesn’t it come through all … Continue reading Would you paint like this?

Mexiruba: Part 2

In part one I wrote about my trip to Mexico. In the second week I went to visit a friend in Aruba. It’s a little island close to Cuba – with great beaches, nice people, and a cactee-rich landscape. The landscape is actually eerily similar to some areas in Red Dead Redemption. When you get … Continue reading Mexiruba: Part 2

Ji-Hae 2: Work in Progress Step two

Before I’m off again for the third session, here’s a quick update on the painting I showed off last week. Probably won’t finish it today – fixes on the face are left, the eyes of course, hands, dress, flower-bucket… too much, so I’m planning to make one session without model next week.

Meet Buck and Pete – two amazing short movies

Now would’cha look at this – “Meet Buck” and “Salesman Pete” – stunningly beautiful combination of painting and 3d. Hat tip to Mattia for the find. …’nuff said.

Mexiruba: Part 1

Recently I was on a trip to Mexico for a wedding of a friend. Good times... really good times :) And since I made that long trip to other side of the planet called earth anyways, I combined it with a stint to Aruba, where another friend lives (thanks Maga!). So two weeks, and much … Continue reading Mexiruba: Part 1

Ship Your Art!

How many artworks did you not "ship" because it was just not perfect? I hear this often. Many artists never finish bigger works, because there is always mistakes and room for tweaking. Of course there are differences.....

Joske in One Go

A portrait from some months ago. I often take my time to think if I should tweak - but this one out right in one go - no fixes or touch-ups necessary. Just how it should always be.