WIPs of Oils and Pixels

Here is my current oil painting as a work in progress shot – two more sessions coming up on this one. Also, since I spent sooo much time on these assets and videos, I’ll post them here too: This is the bigger object that has final quality for “caromble. Still will have to adjust the … Continue reading WIPs of Oils and Pixels

Family Followup

I’ve posted some months ago a portrait of a girl that wanted a water color painting at a street event once, but the waiting line was already too long then. So now her sister wanted a fitting portrait too. Also recently I’m framing the paintings for the upcoming exhibitions. And I only just by accident … Continue reading Family Followup


Good news: the game I’ve been working on has just been accepted at the Indigo – which is an indie game event in Utrecht . This and the upcoming exhibitions are keeping me too busy to update here more often, got lots of unposted art lying around. And I still gotta do my taxes also … Continue reading Federica


This painting (wip here) will be at the Gallery Stoker exhibition which starts tomorrow – only filled with artworks of 20x20cm and smaller. Coming weekend is this also this huge flee market in Amsterdams old NSDM Docks again – called “IJ-Hallen Vlooienmarkt“. Just a quick trip with the ferry from Central Station. I think sometimes … Continue reading Emily

Geeking out in Amsterdam

Good news: I can extend the art display at Amsterdam’s Nieuwmarkt for two more months. And I’ll have have one more window, so I’m thinking about what to show. I also took some pictures at night – looks very nice with the warm lights from below. And right now I’m trying some geeky stuff by … Continue reading Geeking out in Amsterdam


I recently got the DVD with the documentation about Amsterdam I was part of called “Weit Weit Weg“. Here is a little snipped of it, where I am going to the church in the city center to paint. I thought the whole show was very nice, very centered on the people rather than tourism views. … Continue reading Youtubogenic

Ji-Hae 2

I’ve posted two work-in-progress images of it before and here is the final painting of Ji-Hae. It is right now exhibited in the display windows at the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam. I’ve exchanged one image – but I will change back and around coming Friday (another image be removed instead). Beside the original, I am also … Continue reading Ji-Hae 2