Vaslav Costumes – Part II

Vaslav - theater costume
On to the other half of the Vaslav costumes (see the first dresses for the Vaslav play here). I can also go and quote some nice reviews. I should note that as with all the other theater costume projects the designer is Yan Tax. I paint them after his directions. Still of course checking for … Continue reading Vaslav Costumes – Part II

The “Vaslav” Costumes, Part I

Vaslav Costumes 1
This week the play “Vaslav” premiered in Amsterdam’s DeLaMar theater. So I’m posting the designs right now and skip some older projects. I saw it on Tuesday – and liked it a lot. It’s about the early 20th century Russian ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky – often called the greatest dancer of all time. Mainly it’s … Continue reading The “Vaslav” Costumes, Part I

Dinosaur Feminist Reading Glasses

A new Marker drawing – based on three random words by fellow Draw Clubber Laetitia: Dinosaur Feminist and Reading Glasses.

Dream Diaries

Here is a drawing I did for a friend as an cover for his “Forest” concept album. It’s specifically for the song called “Dream Diaries“, you can listen to it below. The story has some fractals in it, so that was a good fit. The album is not yet finished, but you can already check … Continue reading Dream Diaries