This painting (wip here) will be at the Gallery Stoker exhibition which starts tomorrow – only filled with artworks of 20x20cm and smaller.

Thomas Schmall - "Emily"  - oil on 20x20cm canvas

Thomas Schmall - "Emily" - oil on 20x20cm canvas

Coming weekend is this also this huge flee market in Amsterdams old NSDM Docks again – called “IJ-Hallen Vlooienmarkt“. Just a quick trip with the ferry from Central Station. I think sometimes this one is art-related – but since their website is horrible I can’t see if I remember it right. The market is every month.

Either way I’ll try to buy some old frames for the upcoming exhibitions – and I sure will bring a camera, because it’s just beautiful there. And if you go for some shots yourself, be sure to check out the old trams there – some squatters made their home out of them.