Noordwijk Painting Festival Recap I

14 days ago I’ve spent all week at the Noordwijk Painting Festival – getting up, painting, falling to sleep. Here are the first resulsts – more will come in the following two postings.

Duinpad - oil on 30x40cm linen canvas

Duinpad – oil on 30x40cm linen canvas
The first painting I did in the dunes. I tried an unprimed canvas that I oiled before starting, which gives a great brush stroke. I’ll definitely do it more often.

I can really recommend this festival – the quality of the artists was very high. So a great opportunity to learn. It was also well organized and lots of art-interested people coming. So I sold everything I did – this last painting was part of the auction that finalized the event.

Noordwijk Schilderfestival Auction

This last image was part of the auction at the closing-event of the festival.

My throughput wasn’t all that high, I blame the stormy weather and lots of beginners mistakes. I also took part in some workshops and model drawings, which were fun but I think I skip them next time for more landscapes – thats why I went there after all.

Thomas Schmall - Dancers 01

Part of the workshop with Sam Dukker – where we had one hour for each painting. Learned a lot in those short sessions.

Dancers 2

Second image from the workshop. More to come in following posts.