Noordwijk Festival II – Poppy Flowers

Some more pictures from the Nordwijk Festival.

This is the second painting I did outside there. Was kinda funny how it made all passersby shout “klaprozen” (Dutch for poppies) – I’ve heard the word 50 times that day. So named the picture this way.


Klaprozen – oil on 25×50 cm linen canvas

The original is sold, but I have various sizes of poster prints of it in my shop.

Here is a work-in-progress view on the spot where I painted.

Klaprozen Work In progress

I started with a blue underpainting, so that the red tones would come out stronger in the end.

Also there visiting: a beetle stinkbug nymph, with a triangle and three stripes…

green stinkbug nymph

…nature is weird sometimes.