Noordwijk Art III – Poppy Field Painting

The last update from the Nordwijk Festival (part I, part II). One woman who saw me painting the earlier flower picture told me about a whole field of poppies – and so I checked it out the following day. It was indeed a beautiful spot. Inspired by some other artists, I took a bit more freedom this time with the interpretation.

Klaprozen 2

Klaprozen 2 – oil on 40×40 cm linen canvas

Next time I’ll manage more works – I’ll be there for sure next year if possible. And maybe try to find more painting festivals to take part in. It’s also nice for finding other artists and seeing how they work. There were over 90 artists at the place by the way – so lots of art to check out.

Noordwijk - Audience

Some visitors checking out the art. The dune painting is up there. (Photo by Marga Thomassen)

My personal fav was this artwork by Tony Robinson, showing the lighthouse of Noordwijk. His other pictures were real winners too, especially his pictures of families at the beach.

Vuurtoren - Tony Robinson

Snapshot of “Vuurtoren” – by Tony Robinson

BTW: Some update on the beetle from the last post… which is actually not a beetle, but part of a group known as “true bugs”. A green stink bug nymph.