Neat’lil Game: Oshiyoseru

The art posts took a bit over – but games still have a big part of my heart! I had some time to play some again, and here’s a little gem I came across: A free flash game called Oshiyoseru. It is super simple, but with interesting game design: It is a mix of RPG with a shooter – playable in 3 minute chunks.

You can download it here if you click on the “download now” button. Unzip the file called “Gold” and enjoy!

Oshiyoseru - gold - game screenshot

There are several Japanese designers that publish little innovative games for free. And they’re usually very witty – maybe I’ll link up more later. There are other neat games of this specific guy (Nametake) at his page “Kogane-Games“.

The game is Japanese – and I thought figuring the mechanics out was half the fun. But if you feel lazy, I’ve put a translation of Oshiyoseru (オシヨセル – means something like “enemies rushing in”) here…. makes me think though it would be cool to make a game in “alien language” and let the player figure it out as part of the gameplay.

Use the arrows and WSAD for movement and the mouse for aiming. If you click you get to a level-up menu.

Here are the level categories that you can choose:

  1. Bullet Interval
  2. Bullet Amount
  3. Level rises faster
  4. Score rises faster
  5. Items appear
  6. Less Enemies (Something like that – maybe they’re just slower. The word says “critical rising” so maybe)
  7. Auto-Repair
  8. Radius of Item-Pickup
Oshiyoseru - gold - levels screenshot

The items/goodies:

  • Red N: Rises bullet amount
  • Green I: Rises bullet speed
  • Green R: Repairs the ship
  • Blue S: Shield

The trophies/achievements:
There are three rows. If you get all in bronze/silver/gold you get 2/4/6 level points at start-up.
The first row starts with: Amount of chain, then High-Score and highest Skill-Level. About the next two items I’m not sure, probably time survived – it wasn’t hard to get though. Next is the unspent Skill-Points trophy. The following 8 are all level-up categories – max them out to get gold. And the last row starts with four trophies for enemies-destroyed by color. The last three are about the trophies themselves – get them all in bronze for the first … and so on.


Oshiyoseru - gold - trophies screenshot