Murin-An Sketches

Below are some sketches from a visit to a traditional Japanese garden. Has been very interesting – the leaves are turning red, which is a major event for the Japanese. And a heron came really close.
Anyways, I’m way too much in love with the Machiya to pay attention to any trees.

I’ll show the sketches in the exhibit too. And all the drawings for the paintings. They often show the signs of painting action (color splats) and weather (rain damage). Which adds to it.
I’m curious what people will say about those.

I have been updating on facebook, but left the blog a bit behind to save time for painting. Once the exhibition starts, the pressure will be a bit lower, and I’ll start to upload all the pictures – and the final paintings. Got 6 done, 2 to work in progress

Murin-An Sketch01 Heron

A heron…


Murin-An Sketch02 Heron



Murin-An Sketch03 Heron

…and catching fish.


Murin-An Sketch04 Waterfalls

Small water falls.


Murin-An Sketch05 Roofs

View from a window of the park-museum.


Murin-An Sketch Extra

Not at the park, but since I was at making pics of the sketchbook… A little scene in the neighborhood.