Measuring 2010’s Art

It’s an interesting trend now to statistically measure things of our lives, and things that we would before thought are impossible to put in numbers. So this is the perfect moment to: Say happy new year to everyone! And try apply the measuring my last year(s) in art.

One thing I do is to save every art piece with a number per year. So my fifth painting would be called 05_whatevername. And I can use that now neatly to see how many artworks I did every year. It’s not perfect: I used different ways to cluster images (like sketchbooks are not numbered for every page, but have only one number). My “wage output” is also not counted in there. So no 3D objects for example – and neither artworks I made for employers.

Anyways here we go – my trend for the last 10 years:

Thomas Artwork Statistics

The gray boxes are when I was hired in games companies. So I did more art in this time, but not of my choosing. Still a curious stagnation. And a good trend now – that is much better than in my first freelance time, where I could have as well been productive.
What’s missing too is my private game projects – I started one in 2010. Not sure how to add that – and I wonder what could be other useful measurements. Could there be a quality trend, even if arbitrary? I’ll figure it out next January :) Until then I’ll have some work to do; I don’t think its really possible to keep up the trajectory – but hell, I gonna try anyways.

And while doing that, I can still post some leftovers from last year.

"Edy" - Watercolor on 31x23 cm paper

"Edy" - Watercolor on 31x23 cm paper