Material Experiments for Figure Drawing

I’m still not quite settled on the media to use for Figure Drawing.

Pencils are definitely the one where I can get the quickest results for both shape and value. But the size is one clear limitation – filling areas takes a lot of time. Often it forces me to leave areas out.

Dressed Pencil Figure

Dressed Figure Study – Pencil on A4 Paper

I did some Copic sketches also (you can see more Marker Drawings from earlier), though I’m not too happy with the rough structure that shows up in the shading. It saves some time, but not enough to scale the works up.

Charcoal seems like the material of choice for traditional artists – but so far I failed miserably. Either the coal stuck so well to the paper that I couldn’t erase it, or when trying smooth paper, it just disappeared when touching the surface. I might post some of those later. If anyone has insight into which paper is best for charcoal, please let me know. I would really like to work bigger.

Figure and Lighting Study

Figure and Lighting Study – Ink and Marker on A4 Marker paper.

Ink and pencil seems like a nice mix. Since the ink shows up strongly, it allows for more messy hatching with the led. So the last picture is bigger than the other two.

Ink and Pencil Figure Study

Figure Study – Ink and pencil on A2 Bristol paper