Marta finished – shipped to new exposition

Joint Exposition - Nudes - Thomas Schmall - Berkendijke

Next month will be a new exposition I take part in – with “Nudes” as the topic. Good motivation to work on several paintings I long planned to finish.

Some days ago I shipped them all to the Gallery Berkendijke in Beek en Donk (around Eindhoven, South Holland). They will be shown from July 30 until the August 28 (each weekend from 1 to 5 pm).

This is the final version of “Marta” – of which I showed step 1, step 2 and step 3 in earlier posts.

I did invest in several nice frames for the images. I like the look it adds to this one – you can see it below. Also really works well for another recent painting called “Emily”

"Marta" - oil on 60 x 50 cm linen

"Marta" - oil on 60 x 50 cm linen

Marta Framed

"Marta" framed... with nice plant!

Emily framed

"Emily" in a frame