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services summary

Art and consulting in Fine Art, Illustration and Games.

Work for Hire (On and Offsite)

I'm available for creating concepts, illustrations and backgrounds.
I love the interconnections between of game-styling, planning and implementation. I'm consulting and have experience as art director. I can help creating game styles in concepts and transferring them to consistent assets.
I work on concept art and texturing
I create traditional paintings on request, if I can work from real life models and objects. I am of course always interested in opportunities for exhibiting.
I give lectures especially about the games industry in general, the process and structure of art departments, and asset creation.

Clients and Products

Gears of War 1 and 2, Crysis 2, Unreal Tournament 2, Saint's Row and Overlord - and more
Hij Gelooft in Mij”(musical, Amsterdam), Wagner's "Parsifal" (Opera, Tokyo), "Faust in Paris" (Opera Paris), Little Black Spiders (movie, Belgium) - and more
art expositions
I had several expositions over the last years in the Netherlands and Japan - full list


I enjoy working in different fields - applying the lessons of one to the other. The result oriented work of game art production (for 12 years) helped me a lot when branching into the traditional arts and costume designs. And these new fields freshened my approaches to art-styles, planning and work-flow. I want to keep active in many areas, discover more and share what I learned.