"Faust" (Opera Paris 2011)

At the beginning of 2011 I made costume designs for "Faust" in the Paris Opera. It's a twist on the classical Faust story.

First a photo and video of the final performance.

Faust in Paris

"Faust in Paris"

And now on to the costume drawings.

Faust in Paris - "Mephisto" in a bishops dress

First one of the cool guys: "Mephisto" in a bishop's dress

Faust in Paris - Gretchen Version

A farmers girl, and lead character - a "Gretchen" version who's fate does not seem to mean it all that well.

Faust in Paris - danceress in red dress

Beware those ladies in red dresses.

Faust in Paris - Various Male costume designs

Various costume designs for the unusual mix of characters in the piece.

Faust in Paris - Bacchus

One of the side characters - some kind of gourmet aristocrats they have in France.

Faust in Paris - Gourmet

Faust in Paris - Gourmet

Faust in Paris - Fellini Clown

Faust in Paris - Concubines - Godesses

These are some of the godesses/concubine designs