"Faust" (Opera Paris 2011)

Anfang 2011 habe ich Kostüme fuer "Faust" in der Pariser Oper gestaltet. Die Handlung ist eine Abwandlung der klassischen Faust Bücher.

Hier zuerst ein Foto und Video der fertigen Aufführung.

Faust in Paris

"Faust in Paris"

Und hier die Kostümzeichnungen.

Faust in Paris - "Mephisto" in a bishops dress

First one of the cool guys: "Mephisto" in a bishop's dress

Faust in Paris - Gretchen Version

A farmers girl, and lead character - a "Gretchen" version who's fate does not seem to mean it all that well.

Faust in Paris - danceress in red dress

Beware those ladies in red dresses.

Faust in Paris - Various Male costume designs

Various costume designs for the unusual mix of characters in the piece.

Faust in Paris - Bacchus

One of the side characters - some kind of gourmet aristocrats they have in France.

Faust in Paris - Gourmet

Faust in Paris - Gourmet

Faust in Paris - Fellini Clown

Faust in Paris - Concubines - Godesses

These are some of the godesses/concubine designs