Japan (2008)

Fom my travel to Japan - first in Tokyo, then Takayama (up in the mountains) Toyota-City and then at a little island at Okinawa.

Another stab at the Kusunoki statue in Tokyo. You can check my fist try (2 years earlier).


Tokashiki island - close to Okinawa.

In the Metro of Tokyo.

A pattern by the classical Japanese artist Ogata Kourin.

And one by Tawaraya Soutatsu.

Sad Story - part two. Last time there was a old stair from Edo times on this place - now it's gone, and soon probably some skyscraper there.

Two times the Club Heavy Sick Zero, Tokyo.

The artist group Chim Pom explaining their art in a random bar. I wish they had stuff like that in Amsterdam.

Toyota Stadium in Toyota City.


A sign at Mt. Fuji, that I kinda read like this: Beloved foreigner, if you don't know the following things, you might die!