We’ve made this game at Streamline Studios, and it went through many iterations. I think the look turned out well – and still holds up today. I’ll show here a bunch of items I like the most – but I’ll also make a series of blog posts with more art. (Starting here with an overview of the hand painted texture style)

I worked on basically all aspects a little bit: Early style definition, concepting, texturing – and even some modeling and effect creation. All concepts and textures here are done by me – most of the meshes are not.


Hoopworld Oasis

Let’s start with a pretty picture of the oasis level. Later the game went through a lot iterations of the layout because of the gameplay.

Concept-Art – Screenshot Comparison

Level concept art

Level concept-art for the tree village.

Hoopworld Screenshot - Tree Village

Screenshot from the Tree Village.

Level concept to ingame look

Here is a good example how the game went from concept to game – while trying to keep the painted look throughout.

Level Concept-Art

Color Blockouts Undergrowth

Color Blockouts for the “Undergrowth” Level

Dark Forest Concept

Detailed concept for the undergrowth level.

Character Textures

Chief - stylized Texture

The Chief – one of the characters playing the tough version of basketball.

handpainted character texture

The three texture sheets for the character.

Chief - stylized Character

Other view of the character showing of some of the stylized effects and details, like the swirly knuckles

Level Textures

Stylized painted textures

Overview over some of the level textures I painted.

Painted cobble stone texture

And a cobble stone texture.

Painted rock texture

A painted rock texture.

Object Textures

Golden Mask Animation

A golden mask that gives super-powers. It uses a specific shader that just shades according to where the camera is – giving it a bit of a comic-book look.

Tribal Golden Mask

Still image of the golden mask.

Gold Painted Game Texture

The texture for the mask – there are lots of effects painted in, that would in more realistic games be done by shaders.

painted leaf textures

Plant textures for the jungle on top of the article.

Painted Plant textures ingame

A view of how the plant textures look in the game.

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