Machiya Gateway

Haven’t shown the final version here yet (some work in progress though). This is a little side-street in Koyto, leading to a Machiya.

The owner there is reading my paper telling in Japanese that an organization sent me to paint some Machiya. Had to capture this bit. I also tried a bit perceptual trickery with the bikes on the left – leaving most as abstract shapes, only adding one or two visual bike elements. Something I want to use more.

Machiya Gateway - oil painting Thomas Schmall

“Machiya Gateway”, oil on 30 by 40cm linen canvas.

35.02132 135.74984

I’ll give a talk about my images at the Mediamatic Ignite event on May 29. It’s 5 minutes, so I’ll have to concentrate on one part of the experience, which will be the cultural differences – especially when it comes to beauty and art. Here’s a short preview: