The “Little Black Spiders” Costumes

A little costume job that I haven’t shown yet – they are for the movie “Little Black Spiders” from 2012.

The story is based on real events in Belgium, where in the seventies pregnant teenagers were forced to give their babies away. Let’s start with the trailer.

Costume Design - short jacket, white blouse, jeans

That’s a girl arriving in the facility for pregnant girls.

Costume Design - skirt and dress with dottet pattern

Take a bet whether the principal there is a nice person.

Costume Design - simple white night dress.

Thus everyday-life is pretty boring.

Costume Design - plastic dress with tape loops

In an act of defiance the girls make dresses out of taped up plastic sheets – and play dancing.

The rest of the dresses are from that scene, you can catch some glimpses in this teaser.

Costume Design - plastic dress with squares made of tape.

Costume Design - tape in cross shapes

Costume Design - makeshift dress in a sphere of plastic

Costume Design - a puffy dress

Costume Design - make-shift dress witth straps of paper