Lith – a Cryptocurrency Game Logo

I don’t even know how to write an easily understandable headline, this is quite new territory. I’m excited to show the logo I’ve made for Lith, a Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game that will be based on a Cryptocurrency – which is a mouthful anyway you put it! And that’s just the start.

The gameplay of Lith will be heavily based on an in-game economy – basically having it’s own currency and allowing players to trade freely. Behind that stands the cryptocoin NXT, a kind of modernized Bitcoin. So at the end it will mean there is real value behind your actions.

Now add to that their unique funding: They use the NXT asset exchange to allow anyone to buy shares of the developer called D.O.R.C.S. – so if you think this sounds great, you can put money into it. Compared to a simple Kickstarter though, it will give you a share of the earnings if it will become a real success. I mean, not like with Occulus Rift, where fans funded it with two million dollar, and some weeks later the creator just shipped it off to Facebook and stuffed two billion bucks under his mattress.

Now, let’s not forgot about the logo!

You can read more on the idea on the NXT-forum, and support them if you think this is a great idea. You can see the DORCS asset online too.

Check out two screenshots and little video of a very early prototype below.

Lith Prototype Forest Lith Prototype Forest