Links to art from me, other artists – and just different interesting pages.

Other Sites by me:


Great Art Blogs:

  • Ashley Wood Blog – Ashley Wood posts lots of awesome work.
  • CG Unit blog – great art every day
  • Crayon Box of Doom – Blog by Thomas Scholes – amazingly atmospheric paintings.
  • Gurney Journey – The blog of the amazing artist James Gurney.
  • Things… – Seriously, this digital artist is not from this world.
  • Trash is my all… – Blog with incredible art by Ivan Solyaev.
  • Danis World – The kind of artist that makes you wan’t to give up painting. *sigh*
  • The Art of LD Austin – An amazing talent. Wonderfully loose digital art with a classic fantasy touch.
  • Lines and Colors – Blog by Charley Parker with art discoveries – with a similar taste to mine, but backs it up with much more interesting information.
  • Thom Tenery’s Art – Thom Tenery really manages the rare feat to be abstract and realistic at the same time. Stunning gallery. He’s also got a blog.

Smart Blogs:

  • Raw Thought – Aaron Swartz – really smart guy, writing about the web, science, philosophy, politics – everything I helplessly care about too :)
  • The Technium – Kevin Kellys extremely insigthful blog – worth the long read :)
  • Seth’s Blog – I’m not sure how one person could possibly write something interesting every day. Seth Godin somehow does it.
  • Nassim N. Taleb’s Facebook account – Nassim Nicholas Taleb is proving that facebook can be deep. He updates with little lines of philosophy and parts of the books he works on.