Lecture slides: The Strange World of the Games Industry…

…how to get in, and would you actually want that?
So below are the slides and links to a three-part lecture I gave today about the Games Industry. It was strangely fun to write all this down. And I surprised myself how much I know about the industry workings, considering that I didn’t come up with half as much when talking about “How to grow as an artist”. Hm, you learn what you live…. or so.

Here is one slide I think might be interesting (and self explaining enough to show): These are the questions you’ll get in interviews. Surprisingly consistent across companies. And then I write what they actually really want to know…

Lecture Slide - The interview - The strange world of the games industry

The interview - What they ask, and what they really want to know

Next the resources and links:

And the full lecture slides (Zips with jpgs):