Kyoto Machiya Exposition and First Painting

日本語: 私 の 展覧会 が 京都 芸術 センター で あります。 11月 22日 (木曜日)から 23日(金曜日)まで です。
どうぞ きて ください。

English: So on the upcoming 22nd and 23rd of November, we three Machiya Artists in Residence will have our exposition. Anyone who can – please join if you can. We’ll give talks about our experience on Friday from 14 o’clock until 16 o’clock.

And as I want to keep the postings short, to have more time for painting, here’s the first finish picture. I might add a little light in the Machiya, or it might stay as is. I have time to decide.
I used the wood panel I posted before – works really nice, so you’ll see them here more often, even when I’m back to home base.

Thomas Schmall - Kyoto - Machyia with Pots.

“Machiya with Pots” – 2012 – oil on 30 x 42 cm wood board