“Katia Kabanova” Costume Designs – Part II

Time to continue from the last post about the Opera costumes. Here are nine more designs for “Katia Kabanova” that was (playing at the Opera Zuid).

But first some photos of the production – here you can see the mud that covered the whole stage, which I had to preview on the designs also.

Opera Katja Kabanova

Opera Katja Kabanova

The costume of Varvara (left) is among the drawings below.

Opera Katja Kabanova

Kabanicha - the design is in the previous posting

Opera Katja Kabanova

Most of the characters in this play are from the higher class (of about 1860-80). I found it surprising how little their attire changes over the centuries and regions – the nobility of Russia differs little to that of England or the United States.
On the other hand, the lower or middle classes have so many interesting styles in comparison. When looking at German outfits of these times, you can find distinctive traditional dresses pretty much for each village. Much of which has disappeared until today – while the upper class nowadays still wears similar suits and coats as even in the middle of the 19th century.

Lets start then with some of the rich guys in the play:

Costume Norfolk Jacket (high class dress until 1900)

Boris Grigorjevic - Katia's secret lover. In a Norfolk Jacket (very popular high class dress until 1900)

Katia Kabanova (Kaja, Katija, Katya) - tichon, upper class men's costume ca. 1880

Tichon, the boring husband of Katia

Katia Kabanova (Kaja, Katija, Katya) - Men's coat (upper class dress, ca. 1880)

Tichon, with a coat (upper class dress, ca. 1880)

Costume high class dress

Dikoj - Boris' Uncle

Russian mens coat, hat - ca. 1880

Costume for the choir - a thick coat, and typical russian hat.

Katia Kabanova (Kaja, Katija, Katya) - upper class womans dress - ca. 1880

Varvara - the foster daughter in the family

Varvara - coat russian upper class - ca. 1880

Again Varvara, this time in a coat for the curch visit

Katia Kabanova (Kaja, Katija) - russian orthodox costume design - ca. 1880

"Feklusa" - russian orthodox costume

Katia Kabanova (Kaja, Katija, Katya) - peasant womens costume design - ca. 1880

Russian peasant women's costume - ca. 1880