Japan Expo Halftime – And New Stuff Upcoming

Time for a little update about the expo of the Japan artworks.
The reactions so far are really nice. The opening was sold out – and even with added seats there were still people willing to stand to watch the presentation. It’s great to get lot’s of people that care about the topic and art… some lesson I tried to apply from my experience from my first bigger expo, where it was quite full but mostly with friends. Of course now I had fellow artists helping. There is still lots to improve for next time – I’ll write a detailed post-mortem after the expo is closed.

Anyone who wants a tour is welcome to contact me – I live closeby, and happy to hear what people think.

Some other notes:
The Gallery-PR2 is now also selling my artworks. With some group-showings possibly coming up. Some really skilled artists showing there, like Svetlana Tourina and Natalia Dik. A must see if you like representative art (close to CS).
This month is packed with other events:
On Sunday (17th) I’ll be at the Rembrandt Art Market with a little stand, trying to sell paintings. If anyone wants to join in, let me know – it’s said to get busy (and press is coming), so it might be tough to keep an eye on the stand alone.

Aaand the following week, 24th of March: Portraits in the Noorderpark (aka Flevopark) for the Noorderparkkamer.

Sunday the 30th I’ll be at the Rembrandt market yet again. As because per usual I’ll do everything wrong the first time :D

And then Monday I’ll portrait again: …on Het Feestje van Steve on the Steve Bikoplein in Amsterdam Oost. Time for a new challenge: This time I’ll try black and white with oil colors.

Some pics from the expo:

Japanese AIR Exposition - Amsterdam 2013


Japanese AIR Exposition - Amsterdam 2013 - visitors


Japanese AIR Exposition - 2013 - sweets

The sweets – green tea mousse by Uno.

Japanese AIR Exposition - Lies Verdenius Presentation

Lies’s presentation.