Jan Kal and the Palette

This portrait shows Jan Kal – maybe some Dutch readers heard, or read of him.
With the painting I added one photo of my palette. There are the colors listed that I used on this picture. Alizarin Crimson (a dark red), Yellow Ochre (an earthen yellow) and Phthalo Turquoise (a powerful green/blue) plus a Flake White. I’ve read before that limiting the number of colors is a good idea, but it took somehow a long time until I was able to do it. It gets tougher to reach certain colors – in this example to get the dark saturated brown of the hat took me some trying. But it’s worth to resist adding new shades. The colors become more harmonious, and in the long run it saves time, because it is less work to remix colors and to create intermediates.

Jan Kal, oil on 50x40cm linen

Jan Kal, oil on 50x40cm linen - (Info about prints and prices are on the gallery page)

Colors on the Palette before starting to paint

Colors on the Palette before starting to paint. It's Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre and Phthalo Turquoise.