Italian-German Travel Sketches

Had a fantastic vacation, finally being able to see family in Italy and Germany. Which left me time for three drawings in sketchbook…

Starting with a little view from under an olive tree…

Olive Branch

Olive Branch – Ink on A4 paper

After mostly swimming and eating in Tuscany we also visited Florence. Not sure if the whole trip was more stressful because of virus fears, or less – because of the lack of other tourists. We were able to see the Duomo in Florence with very few other people inside. We also saw the building then from above the city, and the absence of people gave us the space to draw a bit.

Florence Drawing

Florence – Ink in A5 sketchbook

Lastly, we’ve spent a week in Saxon Switzerland – close to my hometown. In hindsight, I feel this somewhat uprooted tree reflected my relation to the place. It also brings a painting by Caspar David Friedrich to mind, who made the area famous during Romanticism.
The rest I feel there in myself is of a different level. It reminded me how much I miss deep nature, as compared to the mostly manufactured landscapes of the Netherlands, let alone in Amsterdam. In that sense the trip was pivotal: it made clear to me and my fiancĂ© that this is something we need in our lives. So we’ve set our mind to find a place like this to move to some day.

German Roots – Ink and watercolor in A6 sketchbook