Inktober Waves and Explosions

Two more drawings of Inktober. One of them can now be won in my patreon project.

Inktober is going well. I kept to the schedule of a drawing a day, even if I had to catch up once. This first drawing I’ll put up for a raffle. You can win the artwork by supporting me on patreon. It’ll go out at the end of October.

This one is a first foray into dip-pens and calligraphy. Really wanna do more in that direction – but it’s tough. Here I used a composition where some mistakes or splatters just become part of the image.
Still have to find the perfect ink. This is carbon ink by Platinum, but I ordered Kuretake and Speedball Manga inks, as I need a better flow. I’ll update how that goes.

Inktober Day 4 - Inkplosion

“Inktober Day 4 – Inkplosion” – Carbon Ink on Hot-Pressed Watercolor Paper

Wave Pen Drawing

“Inktober Day 5: Waves” – Pen on Moleskine Sketchbook