Ink Logo Design

I’ve created this ink logo design for a friend with a new barber shop called Copper Charlie.

Was a good chance not only to help out, but also try some inking techniques (and I sneakily used it for my Inktober sessions). Lettering itself is super interesting. And since I plan bigger artworks for walls, I could test working on wood.

Ink Logo Lettering

Logo Lettering made with carbon ink on 30 x 20 cm clayboard

I started with some sketches to gather a bunch of ideas – even though the general direction was quite clear.

Ink sketches

First batch of sketches.

Ink Lettering Sketches

And another batch – the last one is quite close to the final result.

Then I did some tweaking while transferring the sketch with a hard pencil on a clayboard.

Pencil sketch

Pencil sketch for the Logo.

And after my friend OK’ed it, I laid the ink on top. The board allows scratching away – that way I could fix any mistakes easily – and tweak the thickness of the lines.

Clean Lettered Logo

Clean scanned version of the Logo.