The Guitar Gig

Made a drawing recently during a gig of Reinis Jaunais playing in Amsterdam. I tried to capture the vibe of this fast paced and yet very atmospheric music in the image.

Was fantastic to hear – I didn’t know it’s possible to get such sounds from a guitar.
The space is also really nice! It’s amazing that it’s possible to still find wicket little art communes in the very heart of Amsterdam.

Reinis Guitar Concert in Amsterdam

“Reinis Concert” (2019) – Ink on A4 paper

His music has many little details switching quickly, yet a great overall flow – and some meditative quality. Well, hard to express in words, that’s why I drew it :)
Here is a video of Reinis playing (from another concert).

And here are two detail shots of the drawing:

Ink Drawing Concert Detail

Detail 1.

Ink Drawing Concert Detail

Detail 2.