The Gin Bottle

A little goodbye present for my room-mate, who was moving away the other day. Guess what drink he likes?

I’ll did it as drawing for Inktober. First time I tried my self-made canvasses, and I love it:

  • I’m flexible with the size.
  • It’s fast to work on: I can fill whole areas in a swoop – and then erase parts.
  • The amount of detail I can get with scratching is amazing.
  • It’s on hardboard, so durable, and can be hung on walls without frames.
  • The finishing after putting varnish on it just looks great. It gets this even matte sheen.

More to come.
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Ink Drawing Materials

And here you can see some materials I’ve used. I’m listing some of them on my ink resources list.

Gin Bottle ink drawing

“Gin Bottle” – ink on 19.5 x 48.5 cm wood panel