German Telly Featuring my Face

The smiling film crew.

The happy film crew

Today (Wednesday) evening at 9 o’clock the German channel SWR (SR) will air the travel show “WeitWeitWeg” – featuring yours truly.

At least for all I know – I actually didn’t see it yet. The crew filmed me painting at home, and then followed me through Amsterdam where I visited a Church for painting and a squatted factory (in why I have by now my new studio). It was a unique experience and I have no clue how it turned out – but color me curious. Surely you don’t wanna miss the chance to say “I saw him when he started his comet-like career, that took everyone by surprise”!

Art Exhibition Thomas Schmall - Aquarellist Collective

Expo in May

Assorted other Stuffs and Plans:

  • I have two joined-exhibitions planned. One is for the anniversary of the Galerie de Stoker. Actually – everyone can join who has a 20×20 artwork he wants to sell. Check the PDF for more details if you’re interested.
  • The second one will be with the Aquarellist-Collective. It will features several of my water colors for 3 weekends in May (14th until 29th) in the Galerie Berkendijkje. That is in Beek en Donk (close to Eindhoven). I might also do portraits sessions there.
  • I’m off to the Global Gam Jam this Friday. I’m so excited I even had a lucid dream about it. Wish me luck!
  • Here’s a little fun blog entry by Uno – I thought her bird-communication idea is really witty. Besides – it’s a good blog to read if you’re learning Japanese.