The PR Push: A GameKings Video Interview

The indie-game I’m working on is slowly getting closer to release… can you believe it? For all the Dutch-speaking readers, here is a very nice 20 minute video feature by GameKings about our whole Caromble! team.

I’m only seen a couple of times. Anyways it gives a good view into how we struggle work. One thing I find curious is that I always try to highlight the fact that I do the textures on paper (like I outlined in the stylized textures posting). I thought it’s an unique aspect of our game. But again – as in several interviews before – it didn’t end up in the feature. Not sure why… maybe to an average person that doesn’t seem unusual? Would be interested in opinions. I might scale down my focus on this topic in future interviews.

So yeah, learning lots about marketing. And we’re actually getting better at it. More stuff upcoming soon.

If you didn’t do so, please help us by voting on Greenlight for Caromble! About 2000 more votes to go.

Caromble team working

Team working really concentrated.