Game Jam and Paint Marmalade

First some game related news: the Global Game Jam is scheduled again. An event where you have to make a game in 48 hours with a small random team. It’s happening all around the world – with one location in Holland. If you’re programmer/artist/designer/soundguy… join! It was great fun last year: It was my fist Gamejam and our team got the honorary mention for art (although I missed it when they said it, I was too slow packing up). So early next year, with more experience – time to rock! :)

Here is the vid from last year – in the preview pic, thats me trying to do backgrounds with watercolor.

And in paint related news: a work-in-progress I started this Friday. Two of the 3 hours I used just for planning and looking – so that I only had 1 hour for actual painting. Will be interesting in the end if it was worth it, or if I should have just started putting the colors on.

The model is sitting, so I decided to go lower too. It’s often nicer to not have a top-down perspective, it feels too dominant. I guess that’s why most studios have a podium for the models. The composition will be a bit unusual, but I want to try new things.
In a couple of minutes I’m off to the second session. Let’s hope it all works out.

"Ji-Hae 2" - Work in Progress

"Ji-Hae 2" - Work in Progress (lots of sketching, you can see some in the right corner)