First post – first sketchbook pics

Ok, finally first entry here. I’ll use this blog mainly to post my sketchbook that I carry around with me everywhere.
I’m starting with my sketchbook from last year – I’ll post ca. 10 pics each, until its done. Then i’ll start posting my current sketchbook more on a daily basis.

Maybe I’ll add some of my other pictures – as well links to artists that I discover. How about an occasional emo-rant?
We’ll see how it all goes. Comments, critique and ideas are very welcome.

Here we go – the first pictures here are from a club that I really didn’t enjoy. That made me draw all the more, trying to catch the misery :)

2008 sketchbook 01

2008 sketchbook 03

2008 sketchbook 04

2008 sketchbook 05

2008 sketchbook 06

2008 sketchbook 07

2008 sketchbook 09

2008 sketchbook 10

2008 sketchbook 11