Figure to Light

Time to work down the stack of figure drawings that keeps piling up in my room. Starting with a recent figure drawing.

I’ve started working at Mediamonks, which took over most of my week. I’m working on smaller games and illustrations there, which has been a lot of fun so far. Because of this I’ve had to put my Line-art Patreon on hold – meaning, I didn’t take the donations. But I’m getting into a rhythm that allows me to post enough content again: For May there will be exclusive updates for any donor and a drawing to win in the lottery again for any donators at and above 3 dollars.

Anyways, here is a figure drawing from our still ongoing weekly drawing session in Amsterdam… I just skipped on scanning and posting, so more to come soon. I’m starting to get into the grove with my inks. Nice feeling.

Figure Drawing Fire

Figure in Light – Carbon ink on A3 Bristol paper.