Figure Drawing in Amsterdam

Every week I’m helping a friend with organizing a Life Drawing session in Amsterdam West (close to Central Station) and online. Join us if you like!

Figure Drawings - Pencils - 2014

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Join our Life Drawing Sessions

Westerdok Address Map

The Address is Westerdok 318 in Amsterdam.
You can take Bus 48 riding two stops from Central Station.

The spots in the studio are currently limited, but we have online Zoom sessions to allow more people to join.

As we need to limit how many artists are coming, and need to collect the fee from the online-participants, it’s now necessary to register online before the event on the site of the Atelier Westerdok..

The life-drawing sessions are usually every Thursday at 19:30 o’clock. But please double-check, we’ve got all the events listed at our Weekly Figure Drawing in Amsterdam Meetup Group. You don’t need to sign up there, just dropping by is fine.

Artists of all skill levels are welcome

Beginners and experienced figure-drawers are equally welcome. You can just drop-in without registering (though if you use, you can sign up, then we have a preview of how many people will come). You can browse through my Figure Drawings to see some examples what we do.
We do have easels and boards for anyone to use. And we sell various papers. You can use any other material you like (you have to bring it yourself).

Help us find Models

If anyone wants to pose – or can suggest someone, please contact us! We do pay for the hours.

What we really like is fresh ideas and a lot of variation. For the body type for example we are interested to draw any shape and weight, gender and age that nature created. Modeling doesn’t have to be nude either – I’m personally eager to find people with special costumes. I imagine maybe there are groups interested in historical clothing and armory, or cos-players … maybe specific sports?

I can even imagine theater actors could really contribute, by giving good poses, or acting out scenes. Sometimes we re-enacted a famous painting. That is really fun and gave good poses. So any other ideas are welcome.
Just shoot me a message if you want to pose, or have other input.

Figure Drawing ladder