“Faust in Paris” Costume Designs – Part II

Next bunch of the costume designs for the “Faust in Paris” piece (part I here). Coming from usually designing fantasy costumes for games where everything goes, this is a very interesting change. These things have to work in real life – I got very specific guidelines form the designer, and partly even cloth samples.

Also the presentation is different. The designs are most important – not characters itself of course. Although I still try to convey some of the personality.

And all the costumes had to be done very quick. So I decided against using the computer. One would think that having the flexibility of Photoshop would make the work faster – but traditional tools somehow turn out to be way more efficient. I have some suspicions why, but it is still a bit of a puzzle.

Faust in Paris - Bacchus

One of the side characters - some kind of gourmet aristocrats they have in France.

Faust in Paris - Gourmet

Faust in Paris - Gourmet

Faust in Paris - Fellini Clown

Faust in Paris - Concubines - Godesses

These are some of the godesses/concubine designs