Upcoming Exhibition and New Posters

In June I’ll join a new group exhibition and I’ve made a poster for it (and two other events).

The subject is called “Verschuivingen”, which is Dutch for displacement. The artworks will relate to that, loosely based on the essays by the Dutch author Stefan Hertmans.

The exhibition will be on the 10th and 11th June in Landsmeer. I’ll have two to three new artworks there. Our KVL art group also invited artists from the area to join, so there’ll be some surprises to see. So come and join if you have the chance – it’s also close to a nice area to have a picnic afterwards!

Here is the facebook event for easy tracking: “Verschruivingen Exhibition, Landsmeer

Poster KVL Exhibition - Verschuivingen
Poster for the “Verschuivingen” expo.

Here’s the center piece of the poster by itself. I’m happy with the idea – it’s not how my works typically look, but it’s more impactful for a poster.

Poster KVL Exhibition - Verschuivingen
Central Design of the poster – with the subject “Displacements”.

In the last months I’ve made two posters for recent exhibitions of mine and other artists. Good moment to also show two. The artworks at the center are of course by the artists themselves.

Schilderclub Landsmeer Expo Poster
Poster for the “Schilderclub Landsmeer Expo” (2023)
Poster Exhibition by José Van Gool
Poster for the “José Van Gool Atelier” exhibition (2023)