Exhibition Mania

Yesterday I’ve put several images in display windows in Amsterdam Central (close to Nieuwmarkt). Also, the planned joint exhibitions in Breek van Donk are taking shape and several other options are coming up. Busy, busy.
So always remember: “You never knew you can stretch like you can stretch in the Yogalab!” …not sure if that makes any sense, but I thought I should promote a little. Thanks a lot to Patric of the Yogalab for offering the windows and helping out with everything. A bigger exhibition with opening might be possible there later this year, sounds interesting – I’ll have to see if I will go for it.

Thomas Schmall - Exhibition - Yogalab

Wall right behind the window of the Yogalab-studio.

Looks really nice on the wood panels. This is still a bit Work-in-Progress. I will replace some images with newer ones over the coming weeks. One I am right about finishing. Also a proper poster is missing telling my name.
If you’re in Amsterdam on the Nieuwmarkt, it is right there – half a minute walk into the Koningsstraat. Great spot.

Thomas Schmall - Exhibition - Yogalab

The window on Koningsstraat 36, in Amsterdam

Thomas Schmall - Exhibition - Yogalab

Pretty sweet location - 10 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station.

Gallery De Stoker 20 year Exhibition

Gallery De Stoker 20 year Exhibition.

There are also more infos about events I talked about recently: – from March 31st until April the 23rd is the open exhibition to celebrate the 20 years of the Gallery Stoker. If any artists wants to take part: You have to supply one image of 20×20 cm. And you have to act fast: 100 of the 120 spots are taken already. Here is the PDF with the information again.

For 3 weekends starting May 14 my water colors will be part of the exhibition in Galerie Berkendijkje in Beek en Donk as part of the Aquarellist Collective. I will be there for sure on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of May – I will have a tent to exhibit more works, and do portraits again. Looking forward to it.
There is a nude-paintings-exhibition planned there later – where I may be part of it too. Better get busy painting!