My Enkhuizen Ink Drawing – and Inktober Commitment!

Here is a recent drawing done during an excursion with the Amsterdam Open Draw where we visited the cute Dutch town Enkuizen.

But first, I want to put my commitment down here for participating in the Inktober this year. That means throughout October, I’ll create an ink drawing every day. I hope stating it out here will force me to stick through. The only leeway I’ll give myself is that I might switch to every second day – since I don’t like rushing drawing.

The results have to be posted on facebook and twitter with the #inktober hashtag. And I’ll see how I post them here, maybe in groups.
I will ask people for random animals if I can’t think of any topics – very curious how it’ll go.

Dutch Architecture Ink drawing

Enkuizen City Gate – Ink and watercolor on A5 Moleskine sketchbook.