Drawn to the Shop

Finally – after years of eager cries from the public: I’ve got a webshop done! There you can now buy my drawings. Fits well with my plan to make more drawings anyways, since I can sell them for a good price. All originals will go for 20 Euro – and for every 5 I sell, I’ll raise the price by 10 Euro. So grab ’em while they’re hot cheap!

So here’s some recent drawn stuff’s that will go in the shop. Together with the last drawclub drawings.

Ideas and requests for the shop are welcome, it’s of course still in an experimental stage.

Ink fractal pattern Drawing

Some impressions from a garden, done at the weekly DrawClub in Amsterdam. (It’s ink and markers on A4 paper)

I’m currently selling prints of this artwork in my shop. You can also find more fractal related poster prints there.

Berkendijkje compost

Drawn in the garden of gallery Berkendijkje. (Pen and markers on A4 paper)

Tree paviljoenpuur ink

A tree at a neat pavillion in Amsterdam, done with my other hand while doing drawings at a wedding ;).
(Ink and watercolor on 17.5 by 25 cm cotton paper)

The Original is available here: