Draw Club Doodles

Some random sketching from the last three Draw Club meetings. Part of my new plan to concentrate on drawing more. Which should allow for more experimenting. Have to get better at the basics anyways.

Even selling could be more fun. It’s not such a high hurdle for clients, and since I will have chance to do more art, I can test reactions… maybe get more stories in the pictures, or even draw after requests or so.

First step: I want to go to the Draw Club more. It’s a Mondayly meeting in Amsterdam of like-minded people who want to sit around and doodle. Everyone is welcome to join – has been good motivation so far.

fantasy machiya

Some fantasy machiya – ink and markers on paper

Edit: Now for sale in the shop (notice some extra doodles on the paper).

Random Sketch - Ink and markers

Random Sketch – Ink and markers on paper

Hand doodles - Ink and markers

Hand doodles – Ink and markers on paper

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