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Art as New Science

Recently the Large Hadron Collider has been reaching a new record energy output. The main goal of this huge structure is finding the Higgs boson. Exciting? Hm. The particle is important for high energy physics – without it, the mathematics would be flawed. But we know that the mathematics are highly accurate. The Higgs Boson … Continue reading Art as New Science

From Dreams to Reality

Recently I found this talk by William Domhoff about dreams. It is always great when researchers talk about such foggy topics with so scientific methods: Just facts, numbers and logic. It’s not only that this helps to get a clearer picture of what is really going on – but exactly this dry approach leads to … Continue reading From Dreams to Reality

Kevin Kelly on Extropy

Some might know Kevin Kelly from his Ted Talks about the evolution of technology. But thats of course just the tip of the ice-berg. What an amazing mind (I love people that shine in so many fields) and what an awe inspiring blog. One of his latest posting about Extropy is easy to understand and … Continue reading Kevin Kelly on Extropy