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Murin-An Sketches

Below are some sketches from a visit to a traditional Japanese garden. Has been very interesting – the leaves are turning red, which is a major event for the Japanese. And a heron came really close. Anyways, I’m way too much in love with the Machiya to pay attention to any trees. I’ll show the … Continue reading Murin-An Sketches

Dutch Sketch Meet Fallout

Some photos (courtesy of Garry) and my drawings of the Dutch Sketch Meeting two weeks ago. Was fun – we all plan to do this more often. The drawings are concept markers and then pencil – inspired by the sketchbook of Janaschi.

Noordwijk Art III

The last update from the Nordwijk Festival (part I, part II). One woman who saw me painting the earlier flower picture told me about a whole field of poppies – and so I checked it out the following day. It was indeed a beautiful spot. Inspired by some other artists, I took a bit more … Continue reading Noordwijk Art III

Noordwijk Festival II

Some more pictures from the Nordwijk Festival. This is the second painting I did outside there. Was kinda funny how it made all passersby shout “klaprozen” (Dutch for poppies) – I’ve heard the word 50 times that day. So named the picture this way. The original is sold, but I’ll create a limited number of … Continue reading Noordwijk Festival II

Portrait Mashup – Step Two

Here is another work-in-progress of the portrait mashup I did at the Portrait Month. That one is over now sadly – still want to finish the image though (see first step here). So maybe one or two portraits will still come. But the next event is planned: I’ll be at the Noordwijk Painting Festival – … Continue reading Portrait Mashup – Step Two

Portrait Mashup WIP

The second week of the portrait month is on. Painting people for three days in a row really taught me a lot, I should do it more often – else its really just walking in shallow waters. Anyways, here is a work in progress – planning to have two or three more faces on this … Continue reading Portrait Mashup WIP