Jump Into the Water!

Lot’s of traveling and other upheavals in December – so that led to a bit of winter-hiatus. Now it’s already time to wish all my readers great 2016! And of course show some art: I lettered Bruce Lee quote for a Secret Santa gift recently, and took a photo before gifting it away.

The Inktober of 2015 was really great for me – making the public announcement to produce at least every second day has pushed me to deliver. So I’ll make my plan for 2016 public too – I want to produce more!
Last year I’ve put also much time into optimizing my site, with adding a nicer gallery system, making a design update, optimizing the art content for search traffic and with learning the ink tools (ouch ouch, my wallet). I also set up my patreon line-art project. So all in all, a lot of background infrastructure. Now it’s time to concentrate on content!

Apart of the ink, I also got into lettering. So here is the Bruce Lee saying I’ve made for the Christmas giveaway … Well, this really fit’s really nicely now, doesn’t it?

Bruce Lee quote calligraphy

Bruce Lee quote: “If you want to learn to swim, Jump into the Water”
Ink lettering on A5 paper.