Interview with the Art Dog Blog

Recently I gave an interview to The Art Dog Blog, where they have regular “artist spotlight” features. The questions were about my inspirations, favorite pieces and a bit about materials.

I think the fact that I use clay- and aquaboards made them curious, since they sell the Ampersand versions in their shop. Here’s their blurb about their blog:

Art Dog Blog is an industry publication by MacPherson’s, a 100% employee-owned wholesale distributor of creative products. 

from their site’s about section

It was fun to think about their questions, and find clear but non-trivial answers. And it’s always a bit insight for myself into what I’m busy with while not thinking too much about it. I hope some of you find it interesting.

Thomas Schmall Interview Screenshot
Screenshot of the “Artist Spotlight: Thomas Schmall” article.

And here are two of the portraits of me, painting in my studio, that were used in the article.

Thomas Schmall Painting in his Atelier
The first shot is courtesy of the photographer Marcel Molle.
Thoma Schmall in his Atelier
And here I am working on a piece I haven’t shown yet.