Art Prints Makeover

I’ve filled the shop with all new prints, one with a frame – and while I was at it, tweaked the website.

It took me much much longer than I thought, but I think the result was worth it. So now when a print is ordered, I don’t have to go to the print-shop myself anymore. Which will make delivery faster and more reliable (i.e. when I’m traveling). A request for a new poster based on the Ji-Hae painting kicked off the endeavor. So here it is, orderable in three sizes:

And I have images with frames … one so far, but I’ll see if the demand justifies adding more. Adding those, or whole new products and sizes, is now much easier.

Once I got into this, I found other things to improve: I added nice filters in the shopping page, so you can find what you like – for example originals, or prints or artworks with patterns.

And as it always goes, next I got sidetracked making many site-fixes and tech updates. Hey, this blog saw its first post in 2009, and this page itself appeared around since 2003 under this URL. So there is some rust under the hood.
I tweaked the header to show my name bigger, as to get google to notice my name better. I removed a couple of small elements, and made the site faster.

Original Site Look

The Wayback Machine shows this for the 2003 iteration of this site (some button graphics are missing there).

2021 look of the site

And here’s the fresh 2021 look of the site. The same spirit held throughout. :)

The more I look, the more I see elements to fix. The clutter on top and side should probably be trimmed and merged. And input from you dear visitor is always welcome. But for now that will be it, and I will concentrate on content to publish. More on that in the next upcoming posting.

Anyways, here’s is the full list of all prints currently available.